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Abtin Masseratagah, CEO

Founder of Northrn Mo. Abtin is a Digital Marketing Consultant who has been in the industry for over a decade Years. He specialize in Influencer marketing, social media marketing, brand amplification (Twitter, Instagram, etc), and business development. Abtin has built campaigns as large as 25,000,000 impressions per day reaching millions of individuals. With his experience, Abtin has helped multiple companies scale from six figure to seven and eight figure businesses. 

Abtin has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and many other magazines for his work. He has traveled the world giving lectures on how to successfully create and optimize online campaigns. His goal is to build content that expands beyond just social media. He wants viewers to carry his advertisements to the real world and generate a discussion in something he refers to as the 'Echo Effect’. This includes viewers participating in product discussion, music sharing, etc. Abtin believes that if you can create something that can generate discussion within the real world between individuals, rather then an a simple ad that a typical consumer will view and forget about. It’s then that we've truly done our job as marketers and story tellers.

His work has played a large role in the success and development of many companies and brands such as Ivory Ella, Stargaze Jewellery, Electric Family, Protocol Recordings, Republic Recordings, TrendPie and many others. The clients Abtin has worked with have since gone on to own multi-million dollar businesses, yet to this day they still request the services of him and my team within each of their ventures. 


Dae-Han Pak, Marketing Manager

Dae-Han joined Northrn Mo. after a successful tenure at WPP MediaCom, the world’s largest and most reputable media agency. As a Lead Digital Media Negotiator, he has spent his career focusing on the corporate aspect of digital marketing, gaining valuable knowledge in areas such as programmatic advertising and online video advertising, including YouTube TrueView. With a degree in Accounting and Financial Management (with a minor in Economics), followed shortly by a post-graduate in Marketing, Dae-Han’s experience and education have made him well-versed with the challenges and obstacles commonly faced by small businesses in their marketing and management operations. Accredited by both Google and Amazon’s head offices during his career at MediaCom, Dae-Han’s comprehensive knowledge of corporate media operations will help take your business to the next level.

Trusted highly during his time at WPP MediaCom, Dae-Han was entrusted to lead negotiations for some of the world’s largest companies, including Adidas/Reebok, Ubisoft, Indeed, Presidents Choice, Siemens, Ernst & Young, and Bayer Pharmaceutical, among others. With numerous accolades for his work with both large multinational corporations and small local businesses, there is no one we trust more than Dae-Han to help grow and improve your business.

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Safi Uddin, Marketing Manager

As a veteran employee working under Northrn Mo. for over 4 years, Safi is well-versed within the industries of digital marketing and eCommerce. Through the creation, scheduling, and distribution of creative content across social media platforms, Safi has helped create polished and successful marketing campaigns, vital to the promotion of products and services for multi-million dollar brands such as Ivory Ella, Red Bull, and Electric Family, leading to a significant growth in both sales and brand awareness. Safi has also helped market some of today’s leading innovators across a variety of industries. These include individuals such as famous DJ and musician Nicky Romero, whose song ‘Lighthouse' became trending on Twitter and reached the Top 5 spot on Billboard’s ‘Social 50’ chart. As a result of mastering a wide range of online platforms and powerful advertising tools and algorithms, Safi is the perfect choice for helping your online or local business generate revenue, create lifelong customers, and increase brand and product awareness.

With an additional 2 years of experience in management consulting, specializing in customer service and digitization, Safi’s supervision will help guide your staff and maintain customer satisfaction every step of the way, ensuring that your business will find success as it takes over the ever-growing world of digital marketing.


Andrew To, Marketing Manager

Working under Northrn Mo. for the past 2 years, Andrew is an experienced digital marketer who understands the human component of marketing and the importance of the connection marketers help businesses make with their customers. In an era dominated by digitalization, it is easy to forget the power of human connection. Thankfully, Andrew’s client-focused approach and strong business acumen help him deliver consistent and sustainable growth and results to online brands and local businesses, while upholding and respecting each client’s goals, ideas, and beliefs. Andrew assists in the creation of custom-made ad campaigns unique to each client, while staying true to each client’s wants, needs, and requirements.

With an honours degree from the University of Waterloo, followed by a post-graduate in Marketing, Andrew has become experienced in the commercial utilization of online media platforms. This knowledge and education has allowed him to craft client-focused social media strategies and ad campaigns covering a variety of objectives, including brand awareness, customer engagement, driving conversions, and website traffic. With a specialization in data analytics, Andrew’s desire to curate the perfect experience for clients using effective algorithms and insights gives us the confidence that his time working alongside you and your business will be both fulfilling and rewarding.


Daniel Candray, Marketing Manager

Working as an influencer with over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Daniel has now brought his talents and distinct skill set to Northrn Mo. With a degree in Creative Advertising and Marketing, he has learned the formalities involved in running and managing a successful business. Having built successful networks with followings of over 10,000,000 individuals across a variety of online platforms and niches, his unique history and wisdom allow him to generate millions of impressions for his clients on a daily basis, utilizing techniques that are both cost-effective and create significant results. Specializing in social media research and development, Daniel is always discovering new opportunities and ventures across the world of online marketing. This dedication has helped him create innovative strategic campaigns with precise audience targeting that will help your business grow to its full potential, in the most efficient way possible.

Well-versed in the propagation of creative content across power platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, Daniel has helped create successful ad campaigns for well-known artists such as Post Malone, Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, 6LACK, and many more. His reach also expands beyond the world of music, working alongside reputable international brands to help increase sales and brand growth. Always striving to go above and beyond the expectations and requirements his clients establish, Daniel will help your local or online business reach its goals and find success.