We Are Ready.


Abtin Masseratagah, CEO

My knowledge within the industry specifically comes from the fact that I myself started as an Influencer. As time continued, I explored all aspects of digital marketing. Building followings of over 30,000,000 individuals across various platforms and niches that have allowed me to diversify my influential capabilities and abilities.

Through my career, I've had the opportunity to work with many amazing individuals to create content that has touched millions. Everyday, My team works to build content that goes above and beyond to make an impact that expands beyond just social media. We believe in creating a lasting effect on those who view our work. We want the audience to carry our message to the real world and generate a discussion in something I refer to as an 'Echo Effect’. This includes viewers participating in product discussion, music sharing, etc. I believe that if you can create something that can generate discussion within the real world between individuals, rather then an a simple ad that the typical consumer will few for a few seconds and forget about, then we've truly done our job as marketers and story tellers by going above and beyond to create something MORE.