Our Services

We offer monthly packages and day-to-day services to help optimize your business and unlock its true potential. Work with us today to improve your branding, revenue, follower base, and help create new clientele.


premium retainer (Price: $1k+/MONTH)

Our premium monthly retainer package. You’ll receive fully customized Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and developer tools. Under our guidance, we will assist in your content scheduling and brand management.

Built-in Services: Business Consulting, Website Audit, Social Media Audit


BUSINESS consulting (price: $150/HR)

Our Business Consulting service includes a complete competitive analysis and business proposal to help optimize your branding, online presence, marketing strategies, products, supply chain, creative content, and more. We will guide you and answer all your questions and inquiries to make sure your business is headed in the right direction.


Website Audit (Price: $150)

Our Website Audit service includes a thorough analysis of every webpage on your website. We’ll help ensure that your hyperlinks are up-to-date, and your copy is professional and free of errors. We will critique your UI/UX to help optimize your customer engagement and interactivity, and will highlight all recommended changes to ensure a higher conversion rate.


Follower Growth (Price: $1k+)

Follower Growth is fairly straight-forward. Custom ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, coupled with our industry-leading growth hacking techniques, will help you gain followers at a rapid pace. We have grown over 30 million followers for our clients, and typically, our clients achieve a growth rate of 5-10 thousand followers per day.


Graphic Design (price VARIES)

Our expert team of Toronto-based graphic designers will help you create professional, engaging branding and creative content while staying true to your business. Whether it’s a logo, poster, photo, or promotion, we promise to give you complete transparency and creative control during the entire design process.


Social Media Audit (PRice: $150)

Our Social Media Audit service includes a thorough analysis of your social media profiles. We’ll help ensure that your hyperlinks are up-to-date, and your copy, business information, and creative content is professional and free of errors. We will highlight all recommended changes to help optimize your user engagement.


Chat BotS add-on (price: $200+/MONTH)

This service allows us to create a subscription-based interactive messenger bot that helps deliver customer service solutions and increase engagement, sales, and conversions up to 75% by pushing newsletters, discounts, and promotions to people who show interest in your business. Premium Retainer service necessary for this add-on.


Team Training (price: $20,000+)

Northrn Mo has been responsible for training entire marketing teams for both international corporations and local businesses. Our wisdom helps professionals learn basic and industry-specific marketing techniques and strategies, including algorithms, retargeting, ad campaigns, and audience analytics.

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Our Website Design service helps online businesses using Shopify’s eCommerce platform create, build, and optimize their online store from scratch. We integrate plug-ins to help optimize your UI/UX and boost conversions. Our custom-built websites have generated up to seven-figure monthly sales for our past clients.


photography/videography (Price VARIES)

Professional creative content is essential for the promotion of any business. If necessary, our team of trusted Toronto-based photographers and videographers will help guide you and show off your business the way it was meant to be seen. Northrn Mo will offer you exclusive rates and help facilitate all contracts and transactions.



Our copywriting service ensures all copy used on your website, social media platforms, and ad campaigns is both professional and engaging. Our services include: ad copy, product descriptions, client biographies, FAQs, and more. Additionally, we also offer copyediting services for any existing copy you’d like to refresh or update.