Services Overview

Below, You’ll find all the services that we currently offer. We are constantly building new services that we’ll be offering to all our loyal and future clients.

Service: Premium Retainer

Price: $1,000 - $xx,xxx

This retainer will include all online advertisements within the paid advertisement platforms that are discussed upon starting your campaigns.

The price is determined by the amount of work that goes into building your campaigns and time dedication. We will personally discuss this price with you and determine this rate.

This package also includes other services within the retainer fee, Those include: WEBSITE CONSULTING, SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT, CONSULTING HOURS AND MORE.

Service: Follower Growth

Price: $xxxx

This service must be discussed with our team.

We will determine a custom price for follower growth. The reason that a price must be discussed is because all the followers that you will gain are completely authentic.

Some accounts will be much harder to grow compared to others which is why a price will be prepared for you based on a review of your social media account.

Service: Website consulting

Price: $150

A one time fee and offer where our team will sit down and deeply analyze your website.

We will create a detailed document and review of every detail and page found on your website.

This document will be created based our expertise in the 500+ websites we’ve reviewed and reconstructed.

You will be able to forward this document to your website developer and they will adjust everything for you.

Service: Consulting

Price: $75/hour

With our consulting, you’ll be invited to our office to sit with our team.

You may ask us any questions that you feel are important to you. This may be about brands in general, Chatbots, Digital Marketing, Product sourcing, product review, sponsorships and more.

We ask you come prepared with questions in advance for this.

service: Social Audit

Price: $150

A one time fee and offer where our team will sit down and deeply analyze your social media profiles.

We will create a detailed document with your current profile versus how your profile should look.

With our optimizations you can see faster growth, more traffic and well as be seen a more trustworthy brand. This document will be created based our expertise in over 800+ social media audits that we have reviewed and reconstructed for clients.

Service: Chat Bots

Price: $100 - $xx,xxx

This service is an extension of our premium retainer. If you would like to add chat bots to your package, we will custom make one for you. We will work to grow your chatbot subscription list into the thousands as we’ve done before.

We will also create campaigns that will allow you to leverage chatbots to completely revolutionize your company and enter a new era of digital marketing. We are one of the only agencies in North America leveraging these methods.